After School Club

After School Club

The Western Wards After-School Club provides after-school care for children attending full-time infant, junior and secondary schools. Staff are all CRB checked. We offer a variety of activities including crafts, sports, games, computers and books in a friendly, safe, informative and fun setting, with a quiet area available for study/ homework.

After-School Club: frequently-asked questions

  • When is the Club open?
    The Club is open from 3.00pm to 6.15pm each weekday.

  • How do I pay?
    Please telephone or call in for the latest charges. We ask you to pay monthly in advance (you will receive a bill). If you have any problems paying monthly (e.g. you are paid weekly), do have a word with us and we will make exceptions if necessary.

  • Do you accept children with special needs?
    Parents of children with special needs are welcome to come and discuss their needs with us. We do have an Equal Opportunities Policy and implement it to the best of our ability.

  • Do you provide food?
    Yes, we provide a snack at a low cost every day. The snack offered consists of a choice from cereal, sandwiches, toast, fruit, yoghurts, cheese and biscuits. Special diets can be accommodated if necessary. If your child has any problems, please do mention this. You child may also bring a snack if preferred.

  • Where is the Club held?
    The Club is held at Brookfield Community School.

  • Do you open during the day on INSET days?
    As not all of our local schools have the same INSET days, we are unable to help during these times at present. We will, of course, be open during our normal after-school times on these days.

  • What happens if my child is ill?
    We are unable to provide care for children who are ill. We ask that if your child is unable to attend school, please do not send them to the After-School Club.

  • What if my child is unable to come to the Club?
    Please contact us as soon as possible on 01489 576335, preferably the night before or first thing in the morning, especially if we pick up your child from school.

  • Will I have to pay if my child can't come to the Club?
    Yes. If your child can't come at short notice you will have to pay, but you can have up to two weeks off during term time each year. We do, however, require two weeks' notice in writing.

  • What notice is required for permanent changes of times and/or attendance?
    Two weeks' notice is required for any permanent change.

  • What happens if my child is absent/ill for a long period of time?
    Do talk to us if your child will be away for a long period. If you wish to retain your child's place, 10% of the normal fee will act as a retainer.

  • Is it possible for my child to visit the Club before he/she starts?
    We welcome visits, but ask you to come in after 4.00pm any day of the week.

  • Do you have a policy on behaviour?
    Yes. The children and staff together drew up a Behaviour Policy. This was then shared at a Parents' Forum when parents were asked to contribute. The results were agreed to be the rules for the Club.