Equipment Required


You are responsible for bringing the correct equipment to lessons

You will need:
Coloured pencils
Glue Stick
Green pen
Pair of Compasses
Pencil Case (transparent for all exams)
Pens and pencils
Ruler (ideally 30 cm)
Scientific Calculator (Casio GT plus)

All of these items are available from the Student Resource Shop, which students can purchase before school (8.10am-8.25am):

These items are also available to order on-line via Tucasi.  Please print off your “Internet Payment Invoice” email from for your son/daughter to bring to the Student Resource Shop to exchange for items ordered.

Student Resource Shop opening hours:
10.30am-11am (10.30am-10.45am on Fridays)
Lunch times

You are expected to have your Student Organiser for all lessons.

School bags should be of a durable material, the size of which should be able to fit an A4 folder inside and be easy to carry around.

We strongly advise that no personal electronic equipment or other high value items should be brought into school.  Brookfield School is unable to take responsibility for loss or damage to these items.  Mobile phones and other electronic devices including Smart Watches not turned off as directed or used inappropriately are liable to be confiscated.