Friends of Brookfield School - Lottery

FOBS Lottery

Download your application form for the 2017/18 draws. The FOBS lottery (also known as the 100-club) offers a great opportunity for you to support the school without leaving the comfort of your favourite chair AND gives you a chance of winning a monthly cash prize.

The lottery operates from October to July each year with 10 monthly draws. Four cash prizes are up for grabs each month (£30, £20, £15 and £10) and if you’re a winner we’ll send you a cheque in the post – it couldn’t be easier!

It costs £10 per year for each number (you may like to have more than one number – if you have two children, why not have one number for each?) and 50% of the funds raised will be given back as prize money. A total of 100 numbers are available and if demand is high, we’ll run more than one scheme.

The rules contain full details and should answer any questions you might have but if not, simply e-mail and we’ll get back to you.

Good luck!

Latest Numbers

    Draw 2

  • 1st (£25) - 62
  • 2nd (£15) - 100
  • 3rd (£12) - 104
  • Next draw date – 6th December 2017