Home Learning

We believe that Home Learning is important to:

  • reinforce positive attitudes towards learning
  • encourage and develop self organization and self discipline
  • broaden and extend the school curriculum
  • give opportunities for students to develop their creative thinking
  • develop home/school partnerships
  • prepare students for life-long learning

Years 7 & 8 Home Learning

All year 7 & 8 students follow a Home Learning timetable and all Home Learning tasks for the term ahead are available online via the school Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), called Frog.

  • Subject areas set one extended piece of work per term
  • Students are given 4 weeks (for Core Subjects) or 3 weeks (for Foundation subjects) to complete the task.
  • Each of these should take between 4 to 5 hours (Core Subjects) or 3 to 4 hours (Foundation subjects) to complete.

These activities will provide opportunities for students to develop skills to learn independently. All students are given the same activity to complete but the tasks are very open-ended and so support students of all abilities. Challenge is also built in by giving students ideas of what outstanding Home Learning consists of.

Students may have a choice as to the way that they present their work, making full use of ICT where appropriate. Subject areas also provide resources to help students.

Due to the nature of Languages, Maths and Art and the way in which students learn in these subjects, home learning tasks need to be more regular and so consist of short fortnightly home learning.

Below is an example of a term's Home Learning schedule:

Home Learning example schedule