Computers and Communication

What is the task?

  • To be able to understand how technology is used in communication.
  • To learn about computers
  • To produce detailed revision resources to help with literacy.

Key Words:

  • Blog
  • Business
  • Chatroom
  • Communication
  • Computer
  • Data
  • E-Mail
  • Social networking

If you need help with understanding these terms, click on the following glossary:

Teach-ICT for Computer Science (

Study Skills:

Produce study materials for the Year 7 Computer Studies Summer exam.

Practise flip learning and testing which is researching a topic before it is taught in class.

What we are looking for:

You have 3 weeks to complete the tasks and should take you between 3 to 4 hours in total. It is up to you how you manage your time.

To be successful in this ELA you should read the following guidance carefully:

There are 3 Tasks you must complete:

Task 1: Creating Revision Resources

The aim of the ELA is to practise studying theory and to create revision resources.

The revision resources you created MUST be useful and clear in order to help you prepare for the Year 7 Computer Studies exam in the summer term.

What you must do:

  • Read through the theory task called
  • Then you must produce 2 Revision Resources, one for each theory task
  • The revision resource you create can be any of the following:
    • Mind Map
    • Flash Cards
    • Notes
    • Or your own method
  • All Revision Resources you produce should be in your own words.

Task 2: Checking your Knowledge

Using the Communicating Information Revision Resource you created in Task 1, attempt the following quiz to the best of your ability:

Reviewing your results:

  • Once you have clicked submit for the quiz, view your score
  • Look through your responses, to see those which were correct
  • Look at the questions you got wrong, consider these are part of your reflection in Task 3.

Task 3: Review & Reflection

Now you need to reflect upon how well you have done in this ELA.

Answer the following questions in full sentences:

  • Did my revision resources help me prepare for the quizzes?
  • How well did I do in the quizzes?
  • Which topics did I get wrong, and therefore need to revise further for the Year 7 exam?
  • Did I create effective revision resources?
  • What do I need to do to improve the revision resources in the future to make them clearer or more useful?

Your Review and Reflection must be written either by hand or using a computer. This must be handed in along with your Revision Resources.

The Revision Resources you create must be kept safe to help you revise for your Year 7 Computer Studies exam you will sit in the Summer term.


Detailed Revision Resources on all the Topics that can then be used by another person for Computer Studies revision.

They must be written in your own words.

All tasks must be completed and handed in on time.

Your Revision Resource must be well presented and clearly cover all the topics stated in each task.

Here are examples of flash cards and mind maps to help give you some ideas of how you could create your own.

Here are examples of flash cards and mind maps to help give you ideas of how you might create your own.

Flash Cards

Mind Maps

Mind Maps

IMPORTANT: keep all your home learning safe once returned, as you will use it to help you revise for your Year 7 Computer Studies Summer exam.