Report E-Safety Issue

Are you worried about something and want to report it?

Your worries or concerns can be about yourself or someone else. It might be related to bullying, health, safety, crime, cyber-bullying or anything which worries you and it doesn't have to relate directly to school.

You can also speak directly to a member of staff at school if you feel comfortable to do so. However, using this messaging service allows you to do so from home and in a way that no one needs to know you have reported a problem or worry. All messages will be dealt with in the same way that we would if you told us about a problem in school. Staff will handle it with sensitivity and may need to refer any issues which are of real concern about someone's safety.

It is really important to tell someone about any worries or concerns that you have and we are here to help!

Please email if you have any concerns.

Alternatively, parents/carers & students can report issues directly to the online provider: