The exam will be in two parts. The first hour is listening to unfamiliar music from each of the areas of study that we have covered. It will be important to have an understanding of the key words from the glossary as well as general features of each topic area and musical period. The final 30 mins will be on familiar music - Haydn and The Beatles. For this you should have an understanding of the study pieces themselves and the wider context of the music.

To prepare for this exam your main revision resources will be the 16 topic area books and the 2 study guides that we have used in class. We are also preparing for you a number of ‘revision organisers’ based around different musical styles and periods.

You should also look to create flash cards to help group the key words. For example, a set of words for dynamics, a set for tempo, a set for texture words, cadences and so on. This will help you to ensure you are using the correct set of words when answering questions related to each area. You must also have an understanding of key signatures, up to and including 4 sharps and flats.

In addition to these you may also wish to look at the GCSE Bitesize website. Please make sure you look at the sections relating to AQA GCSE Music and not other exam boards. The sections on Music Theory, Music Styles, World Music (not the Indian music section) and Traditional Music from the British Isles would be most useful to you.

Please speak to your teacher if you are unsure on any area. Further resources will be added to the website once they have been finished.