In Religious Studies year 8 students will be completing an ‘in lesson’ assessment.  This means that they will be undertaking an evaluation question asking students to consider attitudes for and against a particular statement.  Students are currently studying Buddhism, looking closely at Buddhist beliefs and practices.  Their evaluation question will require them to draw on knowledge they have learnt throughout the first few weeks of the Spring term and include: The birth of the Buddha and the four sights, Buddhas enlightenment, the four noble truths and the Dharma.

In order for students to boost their grades, referencing similarities and contrasts to other faiths can help strengthen their arguments. Last year students studied Hinduism and so will be able to make very direct links.

To help prepare for their assessment, students may want to watch the following film about the life of the Buddha.

Students may also want to use the following webpages to conducted additional and further research into Buddhism.