Year 9 Exam Revision - General

Year 9 Exams January 2022

Welcome to Year 9 Exam information area.

You will find below links to the most relevant information you need about the January 2022 Year 9 exams.  All the subject revision resources are linked in the menu, along with general revision help and resources such as blank revision plans.

Dear Parent/Carer

Year 9 Exams

I am writing to share details of the upcoming Year 9 exams that will take place between Monday 10 January and Friday 21 January. Please find a schedule of the exams attached.

The aims for the Year 9 exams are:

  • To help students refine their approach to revision.
  • To provide feedback to students and their teachers about what still needs to be learnt.
  • To help students make their Option choices later this year.

The examinations will be taken in normal lesson slots but under formal examination conditions. Students will have two exams in Maths, two exams in English, one exam in Science, one exam in their Modern Foreign Language, and one in exam in most of the Option subjects. The only subjects where there will not be an exam are Computer Studies, Business Studies, PE, PSHE and Religious Studies.

Full revision material for each exam and a video presentation about the exams can be accessed on the website now:

Last week, Year 9 had an exam preparation lesson in which they created a personalised revision schedule. A blank revision schedule and guidance video are also available on the website at the link above if your son or daughter was absent for the exam preparation lesson.

We would be grateful if you would ask for your son or daughter to share their revision schedule with you and to help them refine it. We generally find that Year 9 students who practise organising their revision at home for these exams do better in Years 10 and 11.

Exam results will be shared with you prior to the subject evening at the start of February, where we look forward to discussing your son or daughter’s results and the upcoming Options process.

If you have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact the class teacher or Learning Leader for the subject.

Kind regards

Mr P Pease
Deputy Headteacher