Year 9 Exam Revision - Technology - Graphics

Year 9 Exam Revision Guide.

Your year 9 exam will consist of three sections which you will need to revise and practise to be successful.

The more revision you do, the easier the exam will be. The longer you put off revising, the more you will have to do each day, so start tonight. If you have any concerns please ask your teacher

Section A – Core Theory

This will consist of multiple choice questions. You will need to revise the information on the PDF called Section A Revision.

Section B – Product Analysis

There is nothing to revise for the product analysis question but you do need to understand how to format your answers correctly. Watch the video called Year 9 HL Autumn 2 Section B to learn how to do with. It is a good idea to watch it a few times so that you can will be confident of following the format when it comes to your exam.

Section C – Isometric Drawing

This section will require you to complete an isometric technical drawing and a freehand sketch. The video called Year 9 HL Autumn Section C will remind you of the key points for doing this. The PDF called Isometric Practise has two products that you can use to practise both freehand and technical drawing.