Year 9 Music

Your Music exam will take the form of a practical composition assignment. You will be asked to focus on creating a Bass line and a Melody to fit with a chord progression and drum beat that you are provided. Other parts may be added if time allows you to do so, but these are the key parts that we will be looking for.

You will have the choice of creating a piece in one of 3 styles: Blues, Rock or Folk. Your composition will need to show appropriate use of instruments for the style and for each part created.

To prepare for this exam you should undertake some research so that you are aware of the key features of the style that will then choose to compose in.

You should find out about:

  • Main instruments used in the style
  • Key rhythms that are heard in the style
  • How the chords, bass and melody are used in the style
  • Any additional information you think may be useful to help compose a piece in the style

You may wish to research all 3 of the styles so that you can then decide which one you want to focus on for the composition task.

In the exam we will provide you with:

  • A chord progression
  • A Drum track
  • The Scale required to be used