Year 9 Exam Revision - Music Technology

Year 9 Music Tech

So far the Year 9 Music Technology Course has enabled students to learn about:

  1. The different components of hardware and software which are part of a Digital Audio Workstation and their features plus the different types of leads and connectors used.
  2. The differences between a software instrument and audio track.
  3. How to configure MIDI when using a Digital Audio Workstation.
  4. How to sequence/record using software instrument tracks.
  5. How to edit MIDI data using a range of editing tools e.g. quantise, note lengths, velocity tool, volume and panning automation, copy/paste.
  6. The main features of the software arrange window.

The Music Technology Exam will cover all of the above areas.

To help students prepare for the exam they should use the resources that are available on the website and that they fully understand the information listed above.

The students will also be asked to reflect on and evaluate an arrangement of ‘Dirty Beats’. For this they will be asked to comment about the use of different recording and editing techniques and the strengths and areas for improvement with regard to the arrangement. To help with this they should ensure they are familiar with all of the editing techniques listed above that have been used in lesson for their own composition work.

There are also additional resources available to download from the website that can be used for revision.