Year 9 Textiles Exam 2022

Texture Project

You will have 1  hour to complete your Year 9 Textiles exam. During the exam you will be required to use the machine to show your practical skills and also show that you have some understanding of the theory we have covered so far. You will be required to use the decorative techniques we have learnt so far in lesson to show a texture.


In lessons, between Monday 10th – Friday 21st January 2022


You will be assessed on your ability to use the sewing machine correctly. You will need to show that you can creatively use the techniques we have studied in lesson and you will be required to complete several samples on a theme in the exam.

  • Techniques have been used effectively
  • Techniques and fabrics/materials chosen are appropriate to the texture
  • A high level of detail will be shown
  • The colours and composition have been thought through carefully

You will have 60 mins to complete this task.


For preparation for the exam you will need to practise your Textile skills that we have covered in class so far. You could practise recreating a texture using Textiles. We would recommend you read through the written work in your sketchbook.