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Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 19th June in CLC1 at 7pm. Please feel free to come along to our next meeting to find out what we are all about or/and email us to find out more on


FOBS will be serving refreshments at the Summer Concert on Friday 8th June and at the Alice in Wonderland Production on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th June.

Seeking new members...

We are seeking new members to sit on the committee to help make decisions on how to raise and how to spend the monies and to help at events that generate these funds. The only qualification you need is enthusiasm and a passion to contribute something to your child's school that will directly benefit your child. Our next meeting is being held on Tuesday 19th June in CLC1 at 7pm. Come along to see what we are all about and have a biscuit or two. All are welcome.

How is the money we've raised being spent?

To date this academic year we have donated monies to various departments to enable them to purchase items/services that they are unable to fund themselves:-

Science Department trial of an online science learning programme
PE Department new team kit for the senior netball team, rugby kit and help towards a new basketball kit
Dance/Drama Department A 360 degree camcorder
Languages Department A production company to perform a play in one of the taught languages at Brookfield
Art & Design Department Lights for a new photography dark room
Textile Department Heat press and dyes
Maths Department Provision of enabling students to take part in the Maths Fest and also the Maths Challenge

This has only been possible thanks to your continued donations and support. Remember that if you are unable to attend any of our events, you can donate by standing order or through Tucasi (FOBS should appear in the Trips and Events section – if you can’t see us, please e-mail

Read more about the projects FOBS has helped to fund in supported projects.

Come and meet FOBS

We will be offering refreshments at several events and parent evenings throughout the school year.  Why not pop along and have a chat with us?  We’d love to hear your views about FOBS and whether you have any thoughts about how the money we raise should be spent.  For several years we have supported the Pupil Reward Scheme, but we are always interested to hear from parents and students about any other school projects or initiatives we could help support.

FOBS Lottery

Good luck to everyone who has purchased numbers for this year’s lottery.  Each monthly draw will be made at 3pm in main reception on the first Wednesday of the month and the results will be published on our lottery page.  If you can’t wait for the website to be updated, follow us on Twitter @BrookfieldFOBS -  where the winning numbers will be published as soon as they are available.  First prize is £25, with further prizes of £15 and £12 up for grabs.