Friends of Brookfield School - Lottery Rules

FOBS Lottery

FOBS Lottery Rules

The Club will operate from November 2020 – July 2021 and there will be 10 draws.

The annual cost will be £10 (£1 per draw).  This buys you one membership number (allocated by us) which will be entered into 10 draws.

The draws will be made by a member of the senior management team on the last Wednesday of each month on school premises.  There will be at least one independent adjudicator present.  If the draw falls during school holidays it will take place on the first Wednesday back at school.  In July there will be 2 draws which will take place on the last Wednesday of term.

All participants must be over 18.

50% of the membership fee for each monthly draw will be returned in prizes.  There will be a first, second and third prize of descending amounts.  We will add a further three prizes for every hundred numbers sold.

If you win, a cheque will be delivered to your home address or paid via PayPal and the winning numbers published on the school website (winners names will not be published).

The remaining 50% of the money will be used for the benefit of the school through Friends of Brookfield School.

The scheme will need a minimum of 50 participants to operate.  If we do not reach this number of members your £10 will be returned to you.  Any cheques received will not be cashed until after the 9th November and will be destroyed should the lottery not go ahead.

The closing date for entry for this year will be Monday 9th November 2020.

The contact details you provide us with will be stored for the duration of the lottery so we can contact you if you win a prize and will not be used for any other purposes.

If you have any queries then please email us on