Home Learning

1. Home Learning for Years 7 & 8

At Brookfield, our Home Learning for Key Stage follows a structured programme. Subject areas will set one Extended Learning Activity (ELA) per term which students are given 4 weeks to complete.

Each ELA should take 3 to 4 hours to complete. The tasks for Year 8 are to take the same times but will have a greater level of challenge built into them. These activities will provide opportunities for students to develop skills to learn independently. They may have a choice as to the way that they present their work, making full use of ICT where appropriate. Subject areas will provide resources to support students. It will be very important for students to manage their time effectively so that large amounts of work are not left until the last minute. The schedule of Home Learning for each year group can be selected from the links on the website menu. All subject tasks and support materials will be sent out electronically via Edulink the week before the Home Learning task is due to begin. The parent dashboard will automatically be populated with the relevant Home Learning information.

On the schedule, the letter ‘D’ shows the deadline week when it is to be handed in and the ‘R’ shows the week when it will usually be marked and returned to students. If a deadline is close to the end of a term, it will be returned at the beginning of the next one.

During the first week of Year 7, there will be no formal home learning tasks set but students will be led through the Home Learning system by their tutor. There will also be an ‘Introduction to Home Learning’ information evening for Year 7 parents during that week.

The week before school-based exams will also be left clear of ELAs, to allow students to focus on revision.

If students do not have access to a computer at home, there is the opportunity to use computers in the LRC or print out necessary information.  By informing the LRC staff that they do not have a computer at home, they will have priority in using the computers in the LRC before or after school.

1.1 Maths, Languages & Art Home Learning

Due to the nature of Languages, Maths and Art and the way in which students learn in these subjects, home learning tasks need to be more regular to support the class work and ensure skills are embedded. As such, Language, Maths and Art Home Learning tasks of approximately 30 minutes will be set fortnightly by teachers. Students will also need to prepare for Food Technology during those modules by organising and bringing in the required ingredients. Home Learning tasks will be added to Edulink by their class teacher.

1.2 English Home Learning

English Home Learning for Year 7 and 8 will be set, via Edulink, once per fortnight (tasks of approximately 30 minutes). Students will focus on using a range of techniques in order to learn subject terms, spellings, key facts and poems.

Students will also be expected to carry out at least 45 minutes of reading per week and keep a reading journal. Class teachers will advise on reading material to ensure that students are challenging themselves and becoming resilient readers.


Physical Education does not set any formal home learning tasks at Key Stage 3 and Performing Arts (Drama, Dance and Music) set home learning tasks on a carousel. These departments also run an extensive co-curricular programme which students are encouraged to attend.

1.4 Our Expectations

Teachers must:

  • plan an appropriate amount of time into a lesson in the first week of the Home Learning for introducing the ELA
  • give students clear instructions of the lesson deadline (the deadline should usually be the last lesson of the week with the subject)
  • during the period of their subject’s ELA, check on progress and give students the opportunity to ask for help or guidance
  • ensure that any other extra Home Learning such as ‘finishing off’ activities are not given to students
  • collect in Home Learning on the set date (or at the earliest opportunity if the student is absent on the deadline date)
  • ensure that all Home Learning is assessed. This can be done in a variety of ways (e.g. written or verbal feedback, peer assessment) but students must receive a Home Learning Grade (see Page 4) for their work and a formative comment on how students could improve their work
  • ensure that Home Learning is usually returned by the week marked ‘R’ in the schedule
  • contact parents (an email to be sent via a centralised admin support structure) if a home learning task is not completed
  • recognise and reward home learning through the school’s reward system. Merits are to be recorded by staff using the school electronic system (see Rewards Policy)
  • meet all data collection deadlines for Home Learning

Teachers of English, Maths, Languages and Art must:

  • set a task every fortnight, of approximately 30 minutes
  • give a reasonable amount of time for students to complete the task (at least 2 evenings)
  • send the fortnightly Home Learning task via Edulink

Students must:

  • use Edulink to keep track of their Home Learning
  • plan their time to allow them to complete the Home Learning to the best of their ability
  • ask their teacher for help when necessary
  • meet the Home Learning deadline (teachers will inform classes of the actual lesson it is due in)

Parents can support their son’s/daughter’s home learning by:

  • printing out the Home Learning schedule for each term and displaying it somewhere prominent at home
  • ensuring their son or daughter has a quiet place to study and encouraging them to develop a routine of when he/she works on Home Learning
  • giving feedback to their son/daughter during the period they are working on a task and proof-reading completed home learning tasks
  • supporting their son or daughter by giving advice or answering queries, but not doing the work for them