Home Learning

2. Home Learning for Years 9 - 11

Students should expect to receive one home learning task per week per subject.

Students are expected to spend approximately 1 hour per night on Home Learning.

Home Learning tasks could include research, practice tests or revision and will be marked either using the Home Learning Grades (1-4) or to GCSE Grades (9-1).

2.1 Our Expectations for Years 9-11

Teachers must:

  • set an appropriate amount and quality of home learning each week
  • give a reasonable amount of time for students to complete the task (at least 2 evenings)
  • send the Home Learning task via Edulink and record the completion of Home Learning task (All Edulink attached documents must be pdfs)
  • ensure that all Home Learning is assessed. This can be done in a variety of ways (e.g. written or verbal feedback, peer assessment) but students must receive a formative comment on how students could improve their work
  • take appropriate action if Home Learning is not completed by the deadline (see Section 5)
  • reward home learning through the school’s reward system. Merits are to be recorded by staff using the school electronic system (see Rewards Policy)

Students must:

  • use Edulink to keep track of their Home Learning
  • plan their time to allow them to complete all home learning to the best of their ability
  • ask their teacher for help when necessary
  • meet the Home Learning deadline

Parents can support their son’s/daughter’s home learning by:

  • ensuring their son or daughter has a quiet place to study and encouraging them to develop a routine of when he/she works on Home Learning
  • using Edulink to keep track of their son’s or daughter’s Home Learning
  • giving feedback to their son/daughter during the period they are working on a task and proof-reading completed Home Learning
  • supporting their son or daughter by giving advice or answering queries, but not doing the work for them