House Structure

“Ultimately, my own desire to be successful has always outweighed any external pressures and influences. That will always be the case.” Ben Ainslie

At Brookfield, the House system is central to our ethos and culture, promoting a vital sense of belonging.

There are seven houses, each of which has its own special character and all of which enrich the life of the school, providing fun and laughter, and promoting a healthy competitive spirit in our students.

Each house is named after a British Olympic athlete who has inspired us in their pursuit of excellence. Houses are arranged into vertical PD groups, containing four or five students from each year.

Tutor groups meet four times every week, during which there is an opportunity for students to receive advice and guidance, to get involved in wider school life, to take on additional responsibility and leadership roles and to work on their own personal development.

At Brookfield, we believe that our partnership with parents and carers is vital in supporting students to achieve their very best at school. To that end, we work hard to communicate regularly and effectively with home, and parents are encouraged to join with us in celebrating their child’s progress and achievements.