PE - a non-examined subject, compulsory for ALL students

Within Physical Education students will continue to participate in a varied and inclusive curriculum designed to extend upon previous learning in Years 7 and 8.


A range of activities are offered at school, including:

  • Athletics        
  • Netball
  • Handball
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Basketball
  • Rounders
  • Use of the fitness suite
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Leadership unit
  • Cross Country
  • Football


  • Fitness Training
  • Softball


  • Gymnastics
  • Tennis


  • Hockey
  • Table Tennis


Within each of these activities, students’ performance and understanding will be developed and extended. Students will have the opportunity to plan and evaluate their tactics and performance in competition, ultimately leading to improvement. Furthermore, they will be expected to take on roles of responsibility such as coach/captain/umpire during the units.

Co-curricular clubs will continue to enrich students’ experience of Physical Education outside of lesson time. We will continue to provide a variety of different sporting activities and encourage all students to make the most of these opportunities and represent their school.

The PE Department has two challenging, yet diverse Key Stage 4 courses to offer Brookfield students. Students considering studying in this area need to show a commitment to core and co-curricular PE; an excellent kit record, positive behaviour/attitude towards the subject and the ability to be an independent learner.

  • GCSE is for the highly competent sports person with a strong interest in the physiology of the body, psychology and biomechanics.


The practical element of the course is worth 40% and students will need to submit marks from 3 different sports or activities. One of these must be a team sport, one must be an individual sport, and the third may be either a team or an individual sport. (These sports or activities must come from the agreed list published by AQA.)

The theory element of the course is worth 60% and is assessed through two challenging theory examinations at the end of the course.

  • Cambridge National Sports Studies is for the students with a lower practical competency who have an interest in the sports industry.

Students will develop a portfolio of evidence which will allow them to complete the course with a Pass, Merit or Distinction. Their portfolio will include coursework which will be completed throughout the two years. The course is designed to be as practical as possible and can therefore be assessed through a wide variety of assessment methods, such as giving students the opportunity to lead activities in different sports, deliver presentations and act as coaches trying to improve performance.
3 units make up the course. The first unit the students will complete is an examination, where students will work on theoretical content -this is worth 40% of the course.  Unit 2 is be assessed via written coursework (20% of the course); Unit 3 will be assessed on both practical and coursework (40% of the course).  Students will be assessed as a performer over two sports and will also demonstrate leadership by planning, leading and evaluating a sports session.

Students who are considering choosing either GCSE PE or Sports Studies in Year 10 will need to indicate this on their Options form by selecting the Pre-GCSE/CN course. These students will then follow a pre-GCSE/CN PE Course in Year 9, which will equip them with the theoretical knowledge and background to access either GCSE or Cambridge National in Years 10 and 11. During Year 9 they will have the opportunity to select one of these Options for Year 10, or they may decide not to study for a PE qualification after all.

Enquiries to: Mr Ablitt – Learning Leader: PE