Curriculum Specification -
Years 10 & 11 Creative Performing Arts

Level 2 Certificate (Acting)
Syllabus: Creative and Performing Arts (Acting)
Exam Board RSL

The RSL Certificate in Creative and Performing Arts Level 2 is an alternative qualification to GCSE Drama. The course allows students to explore text-based performance work, as well as devising their own work from a stimulus.

How is the course assessed?

Students will develop a portfolio of evidence which will allow them to complete the course with a Pass (4), Merit (6) or Distinction (8). Their portfolio will include written coursework and recordings of their performances which will be completed throughout the two years.


Unit – 201 – Live Performance – 50%

Aim of Unit

For this unit students will be:

  • Given the opportunity to explore all the skills required for a live performance. These range from planning, rehearsing and the performance itself, to the reflection required post-performance to ensure continual development as performers.
  • By undergoing the process of preparing for a live performance, learners will have the opportunity to experience the variety of activities and skills required to bring a performance together.

In this unit, students will respond to a brief and plan a performance from scratch. They will propose ideas, plan rehearsals, analyse health and safety and then implement this plan. Following the rehearsal period, students will perform their created work and then evaluate the performance to develop their potential for future work. During the unit there will be opportunities for students to develop the following:

Planning and Rehearsing

  • Exploring personal aims and image
  • Researching performance ideas
  • Equipment
  • Health and Safety
  • Rehearsal Techniques
  • Acting Techniques


  • Performing skills
  • Communication skills
  • Live performance production / management

Unit – 212 – Performing Text – 50%

Aim of Unit

For this unit students will be:

  • Developing the skills necessary for analysing a piece of dialogue in dramatic writing and show the ability to perform it appropriately.
  • Given practical experience in performing skills, using both modern and classic texts.

For this unit students are asked to analyse, perform and review two drama texts – one modern and one classic. Students will keep a record of their work as part of their coursework and develop the following skills in class:

Analytical Skills

Applying text analysis skills to the preparation of performance, underpinned by related vocal, physical and movement skills.

Communication Skills

  • Use of verbal and non-verbal communication in live performance (alone or with others), as appropriate.
  • The capacity to constructively peer review the work of others.
  • The ability to analyse and assess own skills and personal aims.
  • The ability to assess and evaluate own work and develop strategies for improving own performance.
  • The capacity to respond positively to tutor comments and evaluations.
  • The ability to assess and utilise peer evaluations.

Performing and Presentation Skills

  • Approaches to the creation of character and conveyance of narrative in text-based drama work.
  • Ability to underpin well ‘realised’ use of dramatic text with appropriate and effective use of physical, movement and vocal techniques.
  • Awareness of any related Health and Safety issues.
Important Notes
  • You cannot choose both GCSE Drama and Creative and Performing Arts.
  • Once you start your course, you will not be able to change to the GCSE Drama course.
  • Creative and Performing Arts is suitable for those students that are competent in a wide variety of acting skills practically and have a good knowledge and understanding of the theoretical demands of performing work. Students should also be keen to develop their acting skills as well as their analytical, planning and evaluation skills throughout the duration of the course.
  • Please discuss with your Drama teacher and consider very carefully whether you should choose GCSE Drama or Creative and Performing Arts.

Students who take Creative and Performing Arts (Acting) RSL should have completed their foundation year in Drama in Year 9 in order to have the skills in place for the course.

Enquiries to:

Mr J Drake - Subject Leader of Drama and Dance