Curriculum Specification -
Years 10 & 11 Enterprise and Marketing - Cambridge Nationals

Cambridge Nationals 603/0646/4

Enterprise & Marketing Level 1/2 Certificate - J819

The Level 1/2 Certificate in Enterprise and Marketing will appeal to students who are interested in developing an understanding of how businesses function, grow and make a profit. The Cambridge Nationals programme will be suited to those who prefer units to be achieved gradually across the two years. It is a vocational based qualification, enabling students to demonstrate a number of different invaluable skills which reflect the needs of employers, further and higher education as well as professional organisations.

What will I study?

During the two years students will need to complete a total of 3 units.


  • R064: Enterprise and marketing concepts
  • R065: Design a business proposal
  • R066: Market and pitch a business proposal
How will I be assessed?

One unit is assessed externally and is worth 50% of the student’s final grade, the other two units are internally assessed and are worth 25% each. The internally assessed units will be assignment tasks and could include reports, presentations, role-play and other portfolio assessments.
An overall grade for the qualification is awarded to all students who successfully complete all units. Grades awarded are L1/2 Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Additional Information

There will be an opportunity to take part in enterprising challenges across Years 10 and 11. Key speakers may be invited to talk to students about their experiences and opportunities available.


This is an external examination completed on paper. Students are expected to complete all questions asked during the time of 1 hour 30 minutes. This examination will take place at the end of Year 10.


Students embarking on this course must have taken the Year 9 Business Studies course. They will be expected to have completed all the Home Learning tasks within the Year 9 Business Studies course, on top of achieving a respectable mark throughout the course.

Required equipment

Cambridge Nationals Enterprise and Marketing Revision Guide.

Computer access at home to gather research based on the topics set in class.

Enquiries to:

Mr Mawers – Subject Leader of Business & Computer Studies