'The Brookfield School Character' Ladder

What is 'The Brookfield School Character' Ladder?

'The Brookfield School Character' Ladder is a portfolio of your achievements during your time at Brookfield. It allows you to evidence how you have developed your skills, qualities and the key characteristics of Self-confidence, Resilience, Kindness, Leadership and Respectfulness. These are the characteristics that future colleges and employers seek from individuals.

Your portfolio will then be used to help you with various applications whilst at school (such a Student Leadership roles) as well as for college or apprenticeship interviews / applications. This is your opportunity to set yourself apart from others and your Character Ladder provides colleges, apprenticeships and possible employers quality information about who you are as a person. By taking your portfolio along to interviews you can give real examples of how you have used and developed your character, skills and qualities – they want to know about this. You cannot get this information across on an application form.

HOW does 'The Brookfield School Character' Ladder work?

The ladder has 4 levels – you need to collect and submit evidence for all 5 characteristics for EACH level to secure it.

Apprentice Challenge

All students (regardless of your year group) start with the Entry Level. Throughout your time at Brookfield you can progress up the ladder. If required you can submit more than one level at a time. This must be agreed by your House Leader and you must double check you have enough evidence before your submission.

There are lots of opportunities through PD to provided evidence for your levels, as well getting involved in the various co-curricular activities that are on offer at school or activities that you’re involved with outside of school. The ladder is assessed once each term. Dates will be shared via the Student Bulletin. Each PD rotation you can plan for and review your progress with your ladder and your individual portfolio. Be creative with how you present your evidence – make it clear to the assessors what evidence you have to show that you have met the characteristic. If you need more guidance checkout the example ladder by clicking on the link below.