Inappropriate hair & clothing procedures

The uniform guidance on hair states: Hair should be no shorter than Grade 2 and must be of a natural colour with no extremes of fashion or design. 

Wigs are not permitted unless for medical reasons.

The school procedure is to remove students from lessons who have breached the school uniform policy to either the Supervision Room or a similar venue.

Procedure of Hair grades less than Grade 2:

  • If a student's hair cut is completely less than a grade 2, e.g Skin head, they will be placed in the Supervision Room.
  • If the student has a partial hair cut less than grade 2, e.g on the sides, depending on length, the following procedure will be put in place:
  • 1st offense- clear warning
  • SLT lunch detention and letter home advising that a further breach will results in removal to the Supervision Room
  • Placed in Supervision Room with the Length of time being dependent upon the hair cut.

Inappropriate clothing

If a student is wearing an item deemed to be not part of the school uniform (e.g. leggings, jeans, different colour socks to those allowed, or inappropriate skirt) the student will be requested to remove/replace any item not part of the school uniform on the day, which may then be confiscated.  Failure to alter uniform to the correct standard will result in students being removed from lessons and placed in the Supervision Room until it is corrected.

If any further questions please contact Mr Haines, Senior PSO. 

School Uniform

The normal school uniform can be found here...