Make-up and jewellery, including bracelets are not part of the school uniform and therefore should not be worn – these will be confiscated accordingly.  Students will be requested to remove these items immediately*.  Failure to adhere to the uniform policy may result in students being sent home or removed from lessons.  School sanctions will be applied to students who repeatedly breach the rules.

*Note: Acrylic nail procedure - students will be given 1 day's notice to remove their acrylic nails or will be removed from lessons the following day.

Coloured contact lenses are not permitted.


  • Students are allowed to wear a watch
  • If ears have been pierced students may wear one small, plain, discreet stud in each ear.  No other form of body piercing is allowed.  The School's procedure on excessive piercings is that students will be removed from lessons with immediate effect until the item is removed.

School Uniform

The normal school uniform can be found here...