Why do students need a change of footwear for PE?
Students need a change of footwear for the following reasons:

  • Hygiene – students should change their footwear (and socks) as their feet will become sweaty in PE lessons.
  • Cleanliness – students will be outside for some PE lessons, on the muddy field, or in the rain, which we cannot have trodden back through school.
  • Support and injury prevention – School shoes are not supportive for PE and can lead to ankle injuries if worn.

Why must students still get changed if they are injured?
Students will still participate in PE lessons as a coach, umpire, warm up leader and/or scorer. Students will still be semi-active for these roles. Students will be outside for some lessons when injured, therefore may get wet if the weather is bad, and we do not want students staying in wet uniform all day. If students are unable to change, please state this in the note.

What happens if students forget their kit, or have incorrect kit?
Students do not get a behaviour point but must attend an afterschool detention for 20 minutes. Periods 1 – 4 will be a same day detention, period 5 will be the following day as per school policy.

What happens if students don’t attend their kit detention?
Students are placed into a second after school detention on the following Wednesday after school, if they miss this one they will be set an SLT detention.

School Uniform

The normal school uniform can be found here...

Where to buy your uniform

All items of uniform are available from;

Skoolkit in Fareham or on-line at www.skoolkit.co.uk

My Clothing Limited (formerly Tesco). Further details can be found by following this link and entering 'Brookfield' in the Search area where you can choose your House colour: https://myclothing.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjwk_WVBhBZEiwAUHQCmfBwJJ2meF2TuayWHfgEBOjZKSfGEY_Kanc3_g0qMl-_oGQR8P7WCBoCCI0QAvD_BwE and https://myclothing.com/ueslink/10685.school?t=1586872370659. MyClothing Parent Leaflet April

Students who wear items which are not part of the uniform will have them confiscated by a House Leader or Pastoral Support Officer. Parents will then be asked to collect the item(s) from School.

It is expected that students will wear their uniform correctly. Parents are asked to support the school in maintaining high standards of personal appearance

Please ensure that all items of uniform are clearly labelled with your child’s name.