Year 7 Catch-up Grant

What is the Year 7 Catch Up Grant?

The Department for Education provided additional funding to secondary schools for those students who join in Year 7 not having achieved at least level 4 in Reading and/or Mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2 (KS2). In 2016/7 the students were not specifically identified and this grant was given pro rata (based on the previous year’s allocation) totaling £11700. This money is allocated by schools to provide interventions which will help those students catch up in English and Maths with their peers.


How the money was used

As mentioned above parts of the grant funding from 2016/7 contributed to an extra Maths and English group created on the timetable when each of English and Maths are being taught. Additional time has been found from other curriculum subjects to support English. Funds have been used towards the cost of the extra teaching involved and to finance resources for these two groups. Furthermore, funds assisted a cross phase project in English and Maths where Brookfield staff have worked closely with Yr5 and 6 teachers to develop and improve the curriculum and provision in years 7 and 8. This project is ongoing.

The impact of the spending

By the end of the summer term 2017 predicted grades (OTF) indicate:
In English amongst those who had started below expected standards:

  • 53% are high 3 and above including 5% at 4 and above
  • 66% are a 3 or above

In Maths amongst those who had started below expected standards:

  • 61% are high 3 and above including 20% at 4 and above
  • 76% are a 3 or above


The school has yet to receive the allocation for this year, but it is expecting a similar total to last year approximately £11,000.