Year 7 PSHE Grief Talks FAQs

  • How are these talks relevant to their current lessons/scheme of work?
    The current topic being studied in PSHE is “changing me” which focusses on different stages of life and the things we experience as part of them, including grief.

  • Will there be any follow-up from the talks?
    Not formally, however teachers may well refer back to them in future lessons as part of the above unit. Tutors will be made aware that the talks are taking place and can subsequently “check in” with any students who are upset by a particular element of the talk.

  • Who will be delivering the talks?
    Mr. Roger Clark, a fully qualified local funeral director and some of his colleagues. Mr. Clark is also an examiner in the profession and a Fellow of the British Institute of Funeral Directors. Previously he was an Assistant Headteacher in Secondary Education.

  • Do parents have the right to withdraw their students?
    Yes. Please let your child’s teacher, or Mr. Browne know about this beforehand so that they can prepare some work. Students who do not take part in the talk will work in the LRC, and will be supervised whilst doing so.

  • Can students leave during the talk if they become upset?
    Yes. This can either be to “take 5 minutes outside” before returning if they wish, or if they decide they want to spend the remainder of the lesson working in the LRC.

  • Will students be supported by staff during the talks?
    Yes. Their normal teachers will remain during the talks and the school’s ELSAs will also be on hand to support any students that they need to. 

  • Will all the talks be the same?
    Broadly yes. However, the presenters take note of how students are reacting throughout the talk and if there is a section that many seem to be finding particularly upsetting, will move on and adjust the talk accordingly.

  • Will students have the opportunity to ask questions?
    Yes. The talks will finish in time before the end of the lesson in order to give students the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.