Year 9 Curriculum - Physical Education (PE)



In Year 9 we continue to ensure all students have the same opportunity to develop theoretical knowledge as well as improve their practical skills in a variety of sports/activities. 

Students will decide whether to take pre-GCSE/CN SS PE, or opt to take normal core PE. Students looking to take PE further in KS4 must opt for pre-GCSE/CN SS PE.



Practical Lessons – both courses

Learning Objective 7 looks at overcoming challenges in different activities in a wide range of scenarios and using knowledge from Y7+8 to overcome these.

Learning Objective 8 combines all previous learning objectives to experience how they all come together to make a successful sports performer in various activities.

Learning Objective 9 allows students to use knowledge and experience from previous learning objectives to learn whole groups in activities and give feedback on performance for future improvement.

Throughout each Learning Objective we will ensure that students build on past knowledge, and skills learned.

Theory Lessons – only for pre-GCSE/CN SS students

Students will learn about unit 1 of the GCSE course – how different social groups effect physical activity levels and will be assessed through an exam in December.

Students will then work on a mini assignment for the CN Sports Studies element, which links to planning and leading a coaching session in PE.


From September to April, activities taught are from – rugby, handball, football, netball, badminton and table tennis.

From May – July, activities taught are from – rounders, athletics, cricket, softball, tennis.



Practical Lessons

Students are continually assessed throughout each Learning Objective and will be graded as Emerging, Developing, Securing, Mastering.  Assessment takes place via teacher observations and questioning; also, students will formally demonstrate their theoretical knowledge by completing a short written test.  This will take place at the start of a PE lesson; a revision Powerpoint is on Edulink to support the theory taught in class.

The skills taught in Year 7 & 8 also provide an insight in GCSE PE and Cambridge National Sport Studies.  Students in Year 9 will have the option to select a Pre GCSE/ CN class to be able to make an informed decision on selecting a course in PE moving into Year 10.

Theory Lessons

Students will be assessed on their theory, which will provide guidance on their suitability for their PE option in Y10+11. Students will receive a GCSE grade for their December exam, and a CN Sports Studies grade for their assignment in March.



We also offer an extensive co-curricular programme with clubs and sports across the year. Students on the pre-GCSE/CN SS class must have regular involvement in co-curricular clubs at Brookfield.

At the end of Y9, students on the pre-GCSE CN SS course will select one of 3 options for Y10+11: 1. GCSE PE, 2. CN Sports Studies PE, 3. Neither (Core PE).