Setting of Home Learning

All Home Learning tasks are set on Edulink.
Tasks are designed to have a clear link to work that is being carried out in class through:

  • Recall / Knowledge Recall and Retention
  • Practice / Reinforcement / Fluency
  • Preparation
  • Research / Extension of learning

Task setting is based on quality, not quantity, and is designed to be achievable by students within the recommended allocated time. Teachers may provide additional learning opportunities for students who want to extend their learning beyond the required task.
Teachers set home learning tasks in the scheduled week, for submission in lessons during the following week. There will always be a minimum of 2 nights for students to complete a task.
Tasks are designed to allow students to demonstrate that they have made progress in each subject, enhancing their skills and/or knowledge through completion of their home learning. This could involve, for instance:

  • A quiz
  • Answering an exam-style question
  • Completing a table or grid
  • A fact test
  • A multiplication test
  • A vocabulary or grammar test
  • A comprehension test
  • A listening test
  • Revision
  • A practical/creative task

Tasks are designed to have clear success criteria and, where appropriate, are likely to be marked either by the student, one of their peers or by their teacher, either during the submission lesson or shortly afterwards.