Brookfield Stars

Picture1Brookfield Community School is a highly successful and competitive school based in Hampshire. Our vision is of a community where everyone connected to it is committed to the highest standards of learning, effort and achievement.

We are proud to have a programme, Brookfield Stars, which is designed to support students with exceptional sporting talents so that they can balance their sporting success and academic progress and can achieve their full potential.

Criteria for inclusion

Students will be invited to join the programme if they meet the following criteria:

  • They compete at County level or above in their chosen sport
  • They are part of an elite coaching academy set up (this may be on a release style set up where they can continue at their own club but attend a satellite training session every so often)
  • Day release from school
  • Their training commitments are over and above local league expectations (before or after school)
  • Travel requirements are excessive for training and competitions
  • Some competitions or training require time out of school
  • Residential trips/ training camps

Support / Grants can be found here: Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme