Exam & Key Stage 4 Results

Slide5The Brookfield Class of 2023

We are absolutely delighted with the achievements of our 2023 cohort.  Our colleagues' dedication in delivering excellent teaching and learning together with the hard work and commitment of our students has once again led to exceptional outcomes. 

More than 28% of all our grades were Grade 7 or above, and 13% of grades were Grade 8 or 9. More than 77% of pupils achieved Grade 4 or above in English and Mathematics, and 59% achieved Grade 5 or above.  Attainment 8, a measure of how well pupils have performed in up to 8 qualifications, was 51.0.

The whole staff body are proud of the students' individual achievements, and we thank them for their contributions over the past five years and wish them well as they move onwards and upwards.

The success of the cohort as a whole is underpinned by many outstanding individual achievements, including those of 6 of our students with Special Educational Needs who achieve more than a grade higher in all their subjects than would be expected from KS2 achievements.  For those students with SEND who were able to undertake a full suite of qualifications, their progress was greater than the national average for all students, including those without SEND.

Full results will be available later in the term by searching for the school on this website:  https://www.gov.uk/school-performance-tables.