Year 9 Curriculum - Dance

Course Content

The Year 9 Dance course will be an action-packed foundation year in preparation for the full GCSE course in Years 10 and 11. It will continue to build on the skills students have developed in Years 7 and 8. Students will do this through the continued study of dance technique, professional dance works and a variety of creative and original choreographic tasks.



  • Dance technique.
  • Appreciation of professional works and student choreography.
  • Development of peer assessment.
  • Acquisition of dance vocabulary.
  • To further develop choreographic knowledge and understanding through motif development and variation skills in appreciation and practical tasks.
  • Development of performance skills.



Students will be assessed on their contribution to:

  • Solo composition.
  • Group choreography.
  • Performance in a group.
  • Appreciation and evaluation of performance and choreography, both orally and through writing.


Enquiries to:

Mrs E Fenner – Subject Teacher: Dance & Drama



Mr D Moors – Subject Teacher: Dance