PSHE Overview - Spring Term

Term Spring 1 Spring 2
Unit Dreams and goals Healthy me
Year 7 Celebrating success, identifying goals, employment, learning from mistakes, overcoming challenges, safe and unsafe choices, exploitation, emergency first aid Stress and anxiety, managing mental health, physical activity and mental health, effects of substances, legal consequences, nutrition, sleep, vaccination and immunisation, importance of information on making health choices
Year 8 Long-term goals, skills, qualifications, careers, money and happiness, mental wellbeing, budgeting, variation in income, positive and negative impact of money, online safety and legal responsibilities, gambling issues Long-term physical health, stress triggers and help tips, substances and mood, legislation associated with substances, exploitation and substances, medicine, vaccinations, immunisation
Year 9 Personal strengths, health goals, SMART planning, the world of work, links between body image and mental health, mental health and ill health, self-esteem, stigma, anxiety disorders, depression Physical and psychological effects of drugs and alcohol, alcohol and the law, alcohol and drug poisoning, addiction, smoking, vaping, drug classification, supply and possession legislation, emergency situations, first aid, CPR, substances and safety, sources of advice and support
Year 10 Impact of physical health in reaching goals, relationships and reaching goals, resilience, work/life balance, connections and impact on mental health, balanced diet, vital organs, blood donation, benefits of helping others, online profile and impact on future goals and employability Improving health, mental health, sexual health, self- examination, diet and long- term health, misuse of prescription drugs, substances and the body, common mental health disorders, positive impact of volunteering, common threats to health including chronic disease, epidemics, misuse of antibiotics, organ donation
Year 11

Driving and the law, road awareness and safety of in car passengers and pedestrians, driving and the road, speeding, drink and drug driving awareness, distractions whilst driving in relation to mobile phone use, learning to drive expectations.  


Expectations of an intimate relationship, love, respect loyalty, commitment, pleasure, healthy and unhealthy relationship expectations and body image, consent, gaslighting and emotional abuse, stalking and harassment, forced marriage.