Years 10 & 11 Curriculum - Drama

Syllabus: Drama                                                                             Exam Board AQA   8261



GCSE Drama is an exciting, absorbing and challenging course which appeals to a wide variety of students who enjoy the opportunity to think for themselves and to work co-operatively and creatively. Students who show commitment do very well in Drama. Regular attendance is essential since most of the work, and the majority of practical assessments, are carried out in groups. Students will be required to attend the performances organised on their behalf both within school and at the professional theatre. There will be a cost involved for tickets for these events.




Component 1 – Understanding Drama – 40%

(Written paper at the end of Year 11)

Students will complete a 1 hour 45 minute written paper that consists of three sections.

  • Section A: Students answer four multiple choice questions on professional theatre makers roles and/or terminology.
  • Section B: Students are expected to know and understand the characteristics and context of the play they have studied. Students must be prepared to answer questions from the perspective of a performer or designer.
  • Section C: Work on live theatre seen. Students will be asked to discuss a variety of aspects from one production which they have seen, giving a personal analysis and evaluation of the theatrical elements that contributed to its effectiveness. Students will be given the opportunity to visit the theatre and watch a professional performance during the two year course. It is a requirement of the course that every student has seen one piece of live theatre during the two years, either independently or as part of an organised trip.

Component 2 – Devising Drama 40%

(Logbook and practical performance)

Students will create and perform a devised piece of group work based on a given theme or topic (10%).

Students will also complete a written log on this performance that consists of three sections:

  • Inspiration and intentions,
  • Development and collaboration,
  • Analysis and evaluation.

This is 30% of their final GCSE.


Component 3 – Text in Practice 20%

(Performance of scripted work)

Students will perform two scripted extracts from one play.

Each extract is worth 10%, Total 20%.

This is marked by an AQA examiner.


Students who take Drama at GCSE should have completed their foundation year in Drama in Year 9 in order to have the skills in place for the course.


Enquiries to:   Mr J Drake – Subject Leader of Drama and Dance