Year 9 Curriculum - Computer Studies

Computer Studies for all students

In Year 9, all students continue to study Computer Science as a statutory requirements. They will begin to study aspects of the KS4 qualifications offered in this area, Computer Science and iMedia.

From September, students study the required theory covered by the Government’s programme of study for Computer Science. This combines theory Computer Science as well as providing practical experience through programming.

Students will start Year 9 with a taster unit in Computer Science. They will then sit an end of unit exam in this module, linked to the theory they have covered in class. Home Learning will be set during the unit.

Following this, students will complete an iMedia project, in which they will learn some theory related to the iMedia course in KS4 as well as completing a practical assessment where they create a product based on given criteria. Students will then finish the Year 9 course with a theory module which covers statutory requirements as well as GCSE theory. This is to ensure that students who consider either option at KS4 are aware of what is involved in the courses.

Students will also have Digital Safety lessons throughout the year, to help provide and remind them of how to stay safe when operating in an online world. We also spend some time in the final half term of the year investigating some of the issues around Computing and reinforcing the lessons learnt through Digital Safety.

These taster modules will allow students to consider which options suit them best within the subject areas of iMedia and Computer Science.

Year 9 offers a real opportunity to allow students to see which other subjects might be available in Years 10 and 11 within our department area. It is vital that students perform at their very best in these modules, as this could later impact on whether they can opt for the course in Year 10.

Please be aware that students who are interested in Computer Science at KS4 will be required to achieve a grade 6 in the Year 9 Computer Science exam.


Enquiries to: Mrs N Andrews – Learning Leader for Computing