Years 10 & 11 Curriculum - PE - GCSE

SYLLABUS:  Physical Education (Specification A)       AQA 8582



GCSE PE is an excellent opportunity to study the subject in depth from different angles.




Practical (40% of the course, 10% of which is a written controlled assessment)

Students will submit marks from 3 different sports or activities.

These sports or activities will either be assessed in school, or if this is not possible, video evidence will be required for assessment purposes.

Each student will submit a written player analysis assignment, worth 10% of the final grade. Students will need to demonstrate knowledge of the sport as well as components of fitness and methods of training.

Students who opt for GCSE PE must:

  • Be able to demonstrate physical competency in at least 3 sports
  • Participate in co-curricular clubs as a performer on a regular basis
  • Be practically strong as a performer in a variety of sports


Theory (60% of the course)

There is a challenging theory element to the GCSE PE course which will involve a considerable amount of classroom study throughout Year 10 and particularly in Year 11 when most lessons will be in classrooms. The practical part of the course will be largely completed in lesson time in Year 10, and co-curricular time in Year 11. GCSE PE should not be considered by students who only excel at practical activities.

The following topic areas will be studied in theory lessons:

  • Applied anatomy and physiology
  • Movement analysis (Biomechanics)
  • Physical training
  • Sports Psychology
  • Socio-cultural influences
  • Health, fitness and wellbeing
  • Use of data


GCSE PE will provide a route to study A Levels and/or new Diplomas in post 16 education, possibly leading to Higher Education qualifications in PE as well as related career opportunities.




The theory element of the course is based on knowledge and understanding for the active participant, with 2 evenly balanced written papers of 1 hour 15 minutes which are taken at the end of the course. These constitute 60% of the final mark.

Paper 1 - The human body and movement in physical activity and sport

Paper 2 - Socio-cultural influences and wellbeing in physical activity and sport

The style of the question paper has been designed to include multiple choice questions, structured questions, and extended written answers.


Please note:

In order to achieve grade 4 or above, students must be able to demonstrate a high level of fitness and practical ability in a wide range of physical activities. Students who are not sure about their level of fitness and practical ability should speak to their PE teacher before submitting their option.


Optional extras:

  • GCSE PE top                  
  • AQA Physical Education revision book


Web address for specification. GCSE –


Entry requirements:

Involvement in co-curricular activities.

Grade 4 or above in Year 9 GCSE PE exam.


Enquiries to: Mr Ablitt