Years 7 & 8 Curriculum - Dance

In Year 7 and 8 students will learn to develop practical skills in Choreography and Performing work for 1 hour a fortnight. They will explore action, space, dynamics and relationships in lessons around several topic areas to create performance work for an audience. Students will develop their analytical and evaluation skills through increasing their knowledge and understanding of vivid description in dance terminology and verbal feedback following performances.

The units of work that are studied in year 7 and 8 are based on the following themes:

  • Cyber Tea Party
  • Triple A Guardians
  • Poems
  • Swansong
  • Shadows
  • Contact

Each unit of work builds upon previous knowledge and introduces new skills so that their progress is cumulative over time.

During lessons we make continuous use of verbal feedback to support student progress and help them to identify the way forward. Students also undertake written work, during extended learning activities. In lessons feedback will highlight their current strengths of the work produced and how they can develop.

Students are assessed on the work from each unit performance. They are marked against two dance strands throughout the year – choreography skills and performance skills.