Brookfield SEND Information Report

Welcome to our SEND department at Brookfield - we hope that the information provided here is useful for you as parents and carers in explaining the help and provision your child will receive at school. However, if you have further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 

At Brookfield, we believe that the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) department has a central place within the whole school curriculum in supporting and enhancing your child’s learning. We seek to meet the needs of individuals by identifying barriers to learning and implementing appropriate intervention strategies across a range of resources. 

We currently employ a team of 15 Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) and 4 LSA Co-ordinators who work closely with our 2 Deputy SENCOs and our teaching staff to plan and implement provision for all Brookfield students with SEND. 

Academic attainment data for our SEND students is a real strength of the school, with our Year 11 students consistently making better than national average progress.


2021-22 Headlines 

  • The attainment of our SEND students is above the national average; the difference between the outcomes for SEND students and that of the overall year group is in line with the national gap and has been for the previous 3 years. 

  • 46% of our SEND students achieved English and Maths at grade 4+, 48% achieved 2 Science grades at 4+ and 21% achieved English and Maths at grade 5+  

We currently support a wide range of students with additional educational needs: 


EHCP Students 

EHCP Applications Pending 

All Other SEND Students 



















   13.7% of Brookfield students 


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