Plain navy blue

Any navy blue tailored trousers - not tight-fitting trousers or chinos or jeans


Navy checked

Brookfield School skirts can only be purchased from Skoolkit. Only navy checked skirts may be worn.


Brookfield Shorts with School logo

Brookfield School shorts can only be purchased from Skoolkit. Only navy checked skirts may be worn.

Polo shirts

Navy blue with school & house colour logo


Navy-V neck sweatshirt

Plain navy blue with school house colour logo

This is a compulsory part of the uniform and should be brought into school every day.


Plain Navy/Black

Pattern tights or leggings are not acceptable.


Plain navy blue or navy ankle socks

Socks or tights but not both

When worn with trousers, must be worn underneath trousers.



Sensible BLACK footwear (polishable black leather) - NOT trainers/boots or canvas shoes.

Acceptable footwear is shown below.

Outer garment

A plain waterproof coat not emblazoned with badges or logos

Hoodies/cardigans and non-school jumpers are unacceptable and will be confiscated accordingly.


It is compulsory for all students cycling to and from school to wear a cycle helmet and have a working braking system on their bicycle. Students who fail to adhere to the expectations of safe cycling will be sanctioned via detentions or if a repeated offence have their bicycle confiscated with parents asked to collect it.


Students who wear items which are not part of the uniform will have them confiscated by a House Leader or Pastoral Support Officer. Parents will then be asked to collect the item(s) from School.

Inappropriate hair and clothing procedures, including those for make-up and jewellery, can be found here.

It is expected that students will wear their uniform correctly. Parents are asked to support the school in maintaining high standards of personal appearance

Please ensure that all items of uniform are clearly labelled with your child’s name.