Brookfield require all students to wear a uniform at school, it plays a key role in the ethos of the school, provides a sense of belonging and identity and sets an appropriate tone for education. In addition to clothing the school maintains high expectations for standards of appearance that parents should also ensure they are aware of, and support the school with students adherence to these expectations.

The school do not wish to place an unreasonable burden on parents when sourcing uniform and have placed a high priority on ensuring that the cost of Brookfield Uniform is within a reasonable range. Uniform can be purchased from the following supplier:

Skoolkit Skoolkit (10% discount week 1-6 July 2024, Price List, Helpful Tips for purchasing during summer holidays)

Myclothing My Clothing

Kitlocker Brookfield Community School (kitlocker.com)

Uniformd (providing high-quality second-hand uniform) Uniformd

Generic uniform such as trousers and PE kit can be purchased from any supplier, but it must fall in line with the uniform policy outlined below.

We always try and ensure any lost uniform is reunited with its owner and request that parents clearly label all items to facilitate this.


Students who wear items which are not part of the uniform may be removed from lessons and / or social times. Items may also be confiscated by a member of staff and parents may be required to collect these item(s) from school.


Plain navy blue

Must be tailored (should have a button and zip fastening)

Not tight-fitting trousers, leggings, chinos or jeans


Navy checked

If you wish your child to wear a skirt they can only be purchased at Skoolkit or Uniformd.


Plain navy blue

Must be tailored and without any large logo and must have a button and zip fastening. The length must be respectable, being between mid- thigh and knee. No cycle shorts or tight fittings shorts are allowed.

Polo shirts

Navy blue with school & house colour logo


Navy-V neck sweatshirt

Navy blue with school & house colour logo



Plain navy or black

Pattern and leggings are not acceptable


Plain navy or black ankle socks

Not to be worn over tights or trousers


Plain polishable black footwear

NOT trainers, boots or canvas shoes

Visible airbags in footwear are NOT acceptable

Must be plain with no large logos or branding


Plain without large badges or logos

Should ideally be water-proof

Should NOT be a hoody or non-school jumper




Students who are unable to participate in PE must still wear PE kit for lessons, unless changing isn’t possible or will aggravate the injury further. Students not participating may wear their school waterproof coat. A note must be provided from home on the day of the lesson.

Aerosol deodorants must NOT be used in the PE changing rooms for safety reasons.

PE Top

Plain navy blue with or without logo

Available from KItlocker or check on Uniformd

Old ‘White’ polo shirts are permitted during this transitional year (2023/24)

PE Bottoms

Plain black or navy shorts

Plain black or navy leggings with or without logo

Plain black or navy jogging bottoms

Very short shorts are not permitted. Shorts should cover most of the thigh.

Available from KItlocker or check on Uniformd


3G footwear policy must be adhered to

These should not be the shoes worn in the school day

PE Jumper


Plain back or navy, with or without logo

A sports top with logo can be purchased from KITlocker or check on Uniformed

No hoodies, school jumpers and coats are permitted in PE lessons

Football / Rugby boots




Shin pads, gum shield,


We also recommend spare socks and bag for dirty and muddy kit



No Jewellery is permitted other than one small stud earning in each ear, a wristwatch and / or medical alert bracelet. No other additional body piercings or jewellery are allowed, this included retainers. Failure to adhere to meet these expectations regarding jewellery may result in sanctions being applied, in line with our Behaviour Policy. Such sanctions may include, but are not limited to, items being confiscated, students being removed from lessons and students being suspended.

Make Up

No make-up is allowed in years 7-8. In years 9 – 11, make-up must be discreet, unobtrusive, and natural in appearance. Heavy application of eyeliner, mascara and foundation is not permitted and will need to be removed. Nails must be natural in colour. False eyelashes and acrylic nails are not permitted, and students will be given 24 hours to remove them.Students who wear items which are not part of the uniform will have them confiscated by a House Leader or Pastoral Support Officer. Parents will then be asked to collect the item(s) from School.

NB: Please also see our Behaviour Rules page for sanctions for Inappropriate Clothing.