Years 7 & 8 Curriculum - Religious Studies & Citizenship

Years 7 & 8 Curriculum Information – Religious Studies and Citizenship

As a subject Beliefs & Values encompasses the teaching of Religious Education and Citizenship – in just one hour a week. We aim for an inspirational, relevant and engaging curriculum.



Year 7 – Autumn Term


Hinduism – Who or what is God? Can he/it be known, or even worshipped? Where did the world come from? Do we have a soul? Does it matter how we live our lives? What is our duty? What happens after we die? How is death observed?

Year 7 – Spring Term

Islam – How do Muslims beliefs in God contrast with Hinduism? How do we feel awe? Do angels exist? Should I be good? How does a belief in God affect the life of a Muslim? (Submission, Struggle, Community)

Year 7 – Summer Term

The Island – A religion-neutral exploration of many of life’s big questions: How important is a sense of community? Do we need laws? How important is tradition?

Year 8 – Autumn Term

Justice –  How is justice achieved in the UK? What are the rights and responsibilities of the police? What are punishment options available, and what do they aim to do?

Identity – What does it mean to be British? Can you have multiple identities? How can we get along together as a community?

Year 8 – Spring Term

Buddhism – Understanding the building blocks of modern Buddhism, the responses to suffering, what the cure to suffering is and what Buddhism looks like in the world today.

Year 8 – Summer Term

Christianity – Who is Jesus? What happened in his life (and death)? What did he teach? What does that mean for Christians today?

During Year 8 Students can choose to take GCSE Citizenship as an option for Year 9 – a Religious Studies programme will continue until Yr10/11 options the following year.