Year 9 Curriculum - Food Studies


This course will prepare students for their Year 10 and 11 studies in this subject area. It will cover a range of basic preparation techniques and skills. The focus for the year is broadly “Food and the Environment” as well as a ‘Hospitality and Catering Module’.

We aim to cook approximately every two weeks, which means that a commitment to provide ingredients is essential.

This course is of value, both to those who wish to pursue a catering career and to those who just wish to gain confidence and expertise in cooking as a life skill. However, it does require commitment and a high level of organisation and enthusiasm. Although it is a practical subject there is a significant element of written work in preparation for both courses. This is assessed by regular testing and the setting of home learning tasks to reinforce learning in the classroom. It is not a suitable option for those who are not committed to this element of the subject.

We hope that having exposure to both courses it will enable students to make more informed decisions when making option choices.


Enquiries to: Mrs L Richard – Learning Leader: Food Studies