"There are people out there who think they can't do anything, so just sit around all day. But they can do things – not just in sport but in anything." Ellie

At Brookfield, we hope that every single day enthuses and encourages our students to discover new things that inspire them, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Outstanding opportunities exist for students to get involved in:

  • fieldwork
  • foreign trips and exchanges
  • concerts, showcases, festivals and productions in the performing arts
  • exhibitions and workshops in the visual arts and technology
  • sports activities
  • maths challenges
  • charity work
  • ambassador schemes
  • writing and producing our school magazine, ‘Aspire’

Theme days and ‘raising achievement’ programmes also help to enrich the traditional curriculum, engaging and challenging our youngsters, developing their confidence and supporting their aspiration.

The Enrichment Program at Brookfield School focuses on raising the attainment and aspirations of all learners, by targeting specific groups with a supportive and challenging programme of study. It provides opportunities that allow deeper and more stimulating educational activities, as well as encouraging more independent study from a wider range of topics, and, ultimately, supporting future educational and career aspirations.

Overall, our Enrichment programme aims to be inspirational and challenging, allowing a variety of learners to make excellent progress through all years.

  • The Art & Design Department offer a wide variety of enrichment opportunities which are accessible to all age groups.  Students are able to attend after school skills development sessions, take part in numerous competitions as well as participate in trips.  Opportunities are provided fro students in Textiles, Art and Photography at Years 10 & 11 level to support students with their GCSE course.
  • The Beliefs & Values enrichment programme looks to stimulate student curiosity in a natural human quest to make sense of the world around us.  Core skills of discussion, listening and reflection are developed through a programme of intra- and co-curricular visits.
  • The Drama/Dance Department currently offers a range of performance based opportunities where involvement can be either as a performer or in a supportive role (such as technician/costume/set/makeup).  We also offer the opportunity to see live theatre and a selection of clubs to help develop skills.  Also, older students are regularly provided with opportunities to develop their leadership skills.
  • In English, we offer a variety of exciting activities for learners across the ability range.  Opportunities provide: challenge in creative writing, including participation in Brookfield Newsround School Report; enrichment in drama through trips to the theatre and a Shakespeare Festival; and research opportunities such as the Year 8 trip to the Sea City Museum.
  • In Food Preparation, we include a range of outside speakers / demonstrations, either within curriculum time or as an after school extension activity aimed at those interested in developing specific skills.  Many links with industry are made, such as, visits to Waitrose, which enable us to enhance students' skills.
  • Enrichment in Geography helps students to develop their ideas in a real-life context, as well as the skills that they need in order to be successful at GCSE. Fieldwork provides the core of our enrichment offering, from Solar Ovens to the community of Whiteley, alongside core geographical skills including map work and navigation.
  • Enrichment in History enables students to develop a genuine taste of the past and conjure up the flavour of a certain time period. The visit to central Europe is one example where students can add experience to the understanding they derive from lesson activities and text books. It brings history to life and allows for a greater appreciation of the impact of historical factors, individuals and events.
  • The ICT faculty, which hosts a wide variety of subjects, offers many activities from external speakers, trips, and after school support with GCSE and Year 7 & 8 work.  As well as the chance to learn a new skill with coding club, we also offer tasters in many subjects to allow students to make a more informed option choice later in their school career.
  • In Languages, enrichment opportunities offer cultural exposure as well as the chance to meet speakers of other languages and use languages in real contexts.
  • In Maths, we offer a variety of problem solving challenges and competitions throughout the year, run by organisations such as Southampton University and the UK Mathematics Trust.  We also offer an Additional Maths course for selected students in Years 10 & 11 which provides an introduction to the Mathematics studied at AS level.
  • In Music, students have the opportunity to have lessons on a wide range of instruments (including voice).  We provide opportunities for students to create, rehearse and perform in a variety of ensembles and choirs as well as within a classroom setting.
  • The opportunities provided by the PE Department give students the choice to take part in either a recreational or competitive sport or activity.  Students can build upon communication, leadership and team work skills from their lessons within curriculum time and develop skills and tactics for various sports.  They can also gain pride in Brookfield School when competing in district, county and national competitions.
  • In PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education), opportunities are regularly provided to learn life skills and lessons, to address plans and decisions for their future and provide information and guidance for life during and after school.
  • The Science Department take many opportunities to nurture the natural curiosity of the young scientists at Brookfield.  We continue to strengthen our relationships with local colleges and universities through the Ogden Trust and STEM.  Our aim is to allow students the chance to gain Edulink into the doors which science can open in the future for them, and any next steps that would need to be taken.
  • The Technology Department provides a broad range of enrichment opportunities for students in all year groups.  Enrichment opportunities are given to students during lesson time as well as after school.  Students are actively encouraged to participate in extra CAD/CAM workshops, as well as being given the chance to develop their practical skills.  In Years 10 & 11, students are supported by staff in weekly extra support sessions.