Years 7 & 8 Curriculum - Art

‘Art, craft and design embodies some of the highest forms of human creativity. A high-quality art and design education should engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design’. (KS3 National Curriculum)

Across Key stage 3 students are introduced to a wide range of art, craft and design media and processes through a variety of themes.  All students build upon these skills throughout year 7 and into year 8 in line with the Art, Craft and Design KS3 National curriculum.


In year 7 students produce three projects which explore a variety of themes/sources and media.  Students are introduced to artist’s/sources who produce work around the same theme, developing an understanding of why/how the artist creates their work. They then use this to inform their own ideas and develop these to an outcome.

Project Medium Artist/Sources
Autumn Personal Possessions Drawing, Painting techniques, Colour Theory Fauvists/Matisse
Van Gogh
Spring Mini Exploratory Projects
Under The Sea, Fish, Art Inspired by Islam, Bugs
Ceramics, Painting, Mixed Media, Oil Pastel Amy Daniels
Dianne Lublinski
Kelly Stanford
Mosques and Islam
Summer Identity Painting, Drawing, Typography, Mixed Media Peter Blake
Pop Art



In year 8 students build upon the skills they have learned/developed across year 7.  They continue to explore different themes and analyse the work of artist’s, designer’s, craftspeople to inform their ideas and develop further to produce personalised outcomes.

Term Project Medium Artist/Sources
Autumn Buildings and Architecture Drawing, Printing Paul Catherall
Spring Mini Exploratory Projects
Typography, Mexican Day of the Dead, Birds
Ceramics, Mixed Media Mexican Day of the Dead
Good Wives and Warriors
Abby Diamond
Artist of Students Choice
Summer Portraits Drawing, Painting & Mixed Media Louis Jover
Andrea Costantini
Liam Barr