Years 7 & 8 Curriculum - Physical Education (PE)

In Year 7, all students will take part in the following sports:

Winter Sports (4 of the below)
Football, Netball, Badminton, Handball, Table tennis, Gymnastics, Rugby

Summer Sports (3 of the below)
Tennis, Cricket, Rounders, Softball, Athletics.

Students will also take part in fitness testing lessons and be set based on their ability in core skills.



A number of skills are transferable across many sports that we cover, such as throwing, catching, passing, receiving and shooting in team sports. We aim to link these skills as we move through different sports.

By the end of Year 7, students should understand and be able to demonstrate how to lead a successful warm up, and be able to show a range of skills in the sports they have been participating in.

Students will have 4 PE lessons a fortnight.



In Year 8, the skills learnt in Year 7 will be applied at a more advanced level, and we look to apply skills and tactics more in game situations. Students will learn a range of sports as they did in Year 7.

By the end of Year 8, students should be able to lead small groups in warm ups and small skill practices and be able to show a range of skills in game situations across a number of sports.

Students will have 3 PE lessons a fortnight.


Co-curricular Participation

We hope that at Brookfield students will enjoy taking part in PE lessons, and will want to continue their enjoyment through participating in extra curricular clubs throughout the year. We have sports clubs in all sports that we study in the curriculum, and at many of these clubs there are opportunities to represent the school. co-curricular clubs vary throughout the year and also include inter house competitions in football, netball and rugby.


Mr R Ablitt- Learning Leader: PE