Year 9 Curriculum - Graphics


Students studying this course will gain a broad understanding of the whole design industry, taking into account how a wide variety of materials and processes can be used to make products. Students will be expected to know how electronics, mechanisms and modern materials can be used to further develop products. They will also gain an understanding of textiles technology.

Graphics students will be investigating a range of designing and making skills. This will involve using research into areas such as existing products, typography, colours, target audience needs and manufacturing processes. These skills will enable students to create specific design criteria that lead towards the completion of a quality end product. Materials used for the development of prototypes will mainly be card, board and other soft materials.

Skills Covered:

  • Critique and refine their own ideas whilst designing and making.
  • Develop a broad knowledge of materials, components and technologies.
  • Use practical skills to develop high quality, imaginative and functional prototypes.
  • Demonstrate safe working practices in design and technology.
  • Use key design and technology terminology.



Students will produce work that will be assessed similarly to GCSE standards. Marks are allocated for research, development of design ideas, practical skills and evaluation. Students will be expected to work at home each week, learning their theory content and producing a folder of notes. Students will be tested on the theory knowledge in class every six weeks.



  • Drawing equipment to include pen, pencil, rubber, sharpener, quality colouring pencils and fine liners (estimated cost £10-20). In addition to this, some students will need an A4 ring-binder folder with file dividers. These are available from the school shop for less than £2.
  • An enthusiasm to learn theory content and produce a high quality design folder in school and at home.


Enquiries to: – Learning Leader: Art & Design