Year 9 Curriculum - Textiles

Course Content and Skills: 

Students studying this course will gain an insight into how textiles are constructed and can be embellished.

They will have practical experience of a variety of processes such as: weaving, couching, printing, embellishing fabrics and appliqué. Students will be encouraged to demonstrate a high level of finish.

Students will research a variety of wide-ranging topics that will act as sources of inspiration for creative design work, along with research into various textile designers.

In each project students will develop their ideas and produce a finished end product using their creative and innovative skills, e.g. wall hanging, printed design, soft sculpture.

Students will be taught how to use the sewing machine safely and correctly and encouraged to use its decorative features to enhance their skills.


Students will produce work that will be assessed similarly to GCSE standards. Marks are allocated for design work, development of ideas, practical skills, and presentation.



  • A high commitment to researching, practical work and designing at home.
  • An A4 sketchbook for their projects. These can be bought from the school shop, currently priced at £1.90 – spiral bound, hard-covered.
  • Provision of specialist fabrics/equipment where needed, often all provided by the school (estimated cost £5-£15 if students wish to add to their work).
  • Basic stationery should be provided by the student. It is also advised that students consider buying a selection of threads and needles, sketching pencils and colouring pencils. These can be bought from good quality art suppliers; pencils range from £5-£15 per pack depending on amount and quality. The school shop also has some Art materials for sale.


Enquiries to: – Subject Leader: Art & Design