Year 9 Curriculum - Photography

Course Content and Skills:

A new Foundation Course in Photography beginning at Brookfield from September 2024. Students who wish to take Photography should be excited to begin the course and be passionate about learning camera and Photoshop skills.

Students will engage in numerous exciting and challenging projects over the year which will broaden and deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding in Artistic Photography. They will produce images, artefacts and other creative outcomes that are both original and of personal value.

Through investigation and understanding of artwork from a wide range of genres, cultures and contexts, students will respond creatively through exploration of a wide range of materials, tools and techniques. Camera and Photoshop skills taught this year will be at the forefront of students learning.

Students will be given the opportunity to develop their skills on an individual and collaborative basis through a range of photography disciplines, including using:

Camera work, to use and learn the settings on their own and school cameras including DSLRs.

  • Digital Editing using Photoshop and other editing suites.
  • Use of the in-school Photography Studio, using flash photography and coloured lighting.
  • Mixed media, using printed photos and working into and on top of these manually.


Students will produce work that will be assessed similarly to GCSE standards. Marks are allocated for design work, development of ideas, practical skills, and presentation. The quality of student’s camera work, editing work and how well they personalise their work are assessed. Students will be also given mini knowledge assessments throughout the year, and a larger knowledge test during their Year 9 Exam, focussed on camera settings and Photoshop tools and shortcuts. This will equip students with the skills and knowledge required for Photography at GCSE level.


  • Students will complete the Year 8 Mini-Photography Project at home to show their enthusiasm and excitement to learn about Photography.
  • Students will need a respectful attitude towards the school environment, expensive equipment, and other students on the course. Students are given the opportunities to work with their peers around the school and in our flash studio and are only able to do so if respectful.
  • A good HL record in Year 8 and a high commitment to taking Photographs, researching, and designing at home is essential.
  • Students must be willing to have their Photo taken by other students unless medically they cannot.
  • A camera, or access to a camera they can bring into school. Students will not be allowed to use phones to take pictures in lesson time. A camera with changeable settings is ideal as students can learn their own camera in preparation for GCSE. A camera advice document will be sent to pupils once options decisions have been made. If students are struggling to access a camera at first then school cameras can be used in school, and phones used to produce HL.
  • Students will be expected to print their photos from time to time. We will encourage students to use cheaper printing sites to do this such as ‘Free Prints’ or ‘Snapfish’. Estimated costs £10-15.
  • Basic stationery should be provided by the student. It is also advised that students consider buying a selection of sketching pencils. These can be bought from good quality art suppliers; pencils range from £5-£15 per pack depending on amount and quality. The school shop also sells some Art equipment.


Enquiries to: – Subject Leader: Art & Design