4. Arrangements and support for children with a disability

4.1 Admission Arrangements

Any child with an Education, Health and Care Plan naming Brookfield Community School will be admitted. Where possible such children will be admitted within the Published Admission Number (PAN). 

Children or families with an exceptional medical and/or social need (definition ii in our Admissions Policy). Supporting evidence from a professional is required such as a doctor and/or consultant for medical needs or a social worker, health visitor, housing officer, the police or probation officer for social needs. This evidence must confirm the child or family’s medical or social need and why that need(s) makes it essential that the child attends Brookfield Community School rather than any other. If evidence is not submitted by the application deadline, the medical and/or social need cannot be considered. 

Definition ii from our Admissions Policy 

(ii) Applicants will only be considered under this criterion if on the application form (online or paper) they have ticked the appropriate box explicitly indicating that they wish for their application to be considered under medical / social need. ‘Medical need’ does not include mild medical conditions, such as asthma or allergies. ‘Social need’ does not include a parent’s wish that a child attends the school because of a child’s aptitude or ability or because their friends attend the school or because of routine childminding arrangements. Priority will be given to those children whose evidence establishes that they have a demonstrable and significant need to attend a particular school. Equally this priority will apply to children whose evidence establishes that a family member’s physical or mental health or social needs mean that they have a demonstrable and significant need to attend a particular school. Evidence must confirm the circumstances of the case and must set out why the child should attend a particular school and why no other school could meet the child’s needs. Providing evidence does not guarantee that a child will be given priority at a particular school and in each case a decision will be made based on the merits of the case and whether the evidence demonstrates that a placement should be made at one particular school above any other. 

4.2 Facilities we provide to help children with a disability access the School

The Brookfield school site and our curriculum is fully accessible for children with disabilities. Children may be timetabled in ground floor classrooms or in those accessible via lifts in M Block and the Mark Roe Centre. Each curriculum area has a room equipped with a rise and fall table/workspace and the school has a range of practical aids available to support children. Our team of Learning Support Assistants can provide practical assistance in lessons, accompany children for off-site visits/trips and have received the necessary training to scribe for those children with a long term (or short- term injury) need. 

4.3 Brookfield Accessibility Plan

This can be found along with our Equality Information and Objectives on our website at: Equality Information and Objectives